Workplace Wellness Services

Services provide a focus on customizing the scope of workplace wellness services to meet defined client needs. Proactive wellness strategies will afford clients the opportunity to increase employee engagement and productivity while reducing reactive management systems.


  • Workplace wellness program development
  • Gap analysis
  • Lifestyle counseling
  • Medical monitoring
  • Wellness training for shift workers
  • Health / Lifestyle management education programs


Workplace wellness programs are offered in 60–90 minutes seminars or grouped together over a half or full day education component. Programs are offered during lunch breaks, before, during and after work hours and augmented with professional development activities.

Several programs can be given over a series of 4 – 6 week sessions involving progressive learning objectives and practical application activities. Individual health assessment activities can be included in the programs such as cholesterol, blood pressure and BMI screening. Programs can customized as requested.

* – Denotes popular client course

* As the Beat Goes On – Cardiovascular Disease

This education seminar provides information on cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke, signs/ symptoms, risk factors and health strategies. The seminar can be provided to both men and women or delivered to women with a focus on menopause and cardiovascular disease.

Ergonomics and the Office – Fit the Office to the Employee

This education seminar focuses on how the workplace can be adjusted to accommodate employees in the prevention and reduction of repetitive strain injuries. Practical and effective strategies are provided to participants to incorporate in the workplace. Individual ergonomic assessments can be incorporated into the program and include pre and post seminar assessments.

* Build Balance in your Work / Home Balance – Live Well

This education seminar provides participants with information and strategies to address the management of competing demands between work and the home environments. The focus is directed at building reasonable boundaries and addressing what is in the control of employees. This seminar consistently receives high value ratings by employees due to the practical information and ability to make immediate positive changes.

* Sleep Ease – The Impact of Sleep

This education seminar has been widely acclaimed by employees as one of the most significant health learning tools. Participants learn the five stages of sleep, effects of sleep on the body systems and ability to work, barriers to healthy sleep patterns and strategies to achieve restorative sleep.

* Banishing Exercise Excuses – Physical Activity for Beginners

This education seminar introduces physical activity to a sedentary group. The health benefits of exercise, barriers/ myths and practical strategies for introducing exercise into a healthy lifestyle are explored within a participatory approach.


Shifting to Wellness

Risky health behaviours by employees cost organizations. Research demonstrates that changing those behaviours saves the employer money by reducing healthcare costs, disability claims, employee turnover and absenteeism, and by increasing productivity. A new program in Canada called Shifting to Wellness is making positive waves in corporations by helping them change risky behaviours into productive behaviours.

Shiftwork is defined as: any work done outside the regular 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. working day. This is a fact of life for many people and the key to success for many organizations. We all appreciate the quality of life available to us in a 24/7 society whether it's extended retail hours, on-line access or round-the-clock emergency response and health care services. However, there is a price to pay. The impact of working irregular hours and demanding work schedules affects safety, employee and family wellness, work related stress, absenteeism, turnover, healthcare costs, and productivity.

Shifting to Wellness, originally developed in Alberta as a joint initiative between the provincial government, regional healthcare units, Keyano College, and industry to combat the adverse affects of shiftwork on the large shift-working population of Northern Alberta, has since expanded to become Canada's most comprehensive shiftwork lifestyle training program.

The Shifting to Wellness program focuses on solutions helping shiftworkers develop useful strategies for dealing with the issues surrounding a shiftwork lifestyle. Shifting to Wellness understands the necessity of twenty-four hour work. Consequently, we have developed a program that addresses health and safety concerns associated with shiftwork while recognizing the need to support the requirement for shiftwork in the workplace. The program provides important information about shiftwork and the effect it has on health and quality of life for shiftworkers on, and off, the job. The program helps shiftworkers identify that the choices they make in the areas of nutrition, physical activity, sleep, communication, family, stress and time management affect their health, job performance and safety, job satisfaction and ability to cope with their unique lifestyle needs.

Shelly Ptolemy of Ptolemy & Associates Inc is a certified Trainer of the Shifting to Wellness program. Several delivery options are available to meet client scheduling needs. Shelly would be pleased to discuss how the Shifting to Wellness Program can make a positive impact in your organization. She can be reached at 403.264.4890 or .

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