Mental Health Training Workshop for Leaders in the Workplace

Now More Than Ever;

There is a critical need to support our leaders to build capacity in this area of managing people

Mental illness is a complex type of disability cases to manage in the workplace. All stakeholders need to work together in a team approach to effectively address these issues and achieve optimal outcomes. To make these issues even more contentious, performance and safety are frequently involved in these cases that may result in legal and operational risk. Leaders are in the primary position to intervene in the file and often do not know how to approach a situation or be comfortable taking the first step. This approach can unfortunately exacerbate the level of risk and may result in poor outcomes for the employee and organization.

Leaders need to know their role and effective strategies to approach these complex situations. Knowing when to approach the employee, engage Occupational Health and Human Resources as expert resources and how to set the stage for the return to work environment in substance abuse and mental illness cases is crucial to achieving optimal outcomes. This workshop focuses on a systematic approach for the leader to implement. The workshop has been developed specifically for front line leaders who want to build capacity including the knowledge and tools to address the situation, navigate through the file and manage the risk for the employee and operations. The workshop is also recommended for Occupational Health, Human Resources and union representatives.

Workshop Topics Include:

  • Starting the conversation
  • Caring from multiple perspectives
  • Setting expectations
  • Goal planning
  • Accessing fitness for work information
  • Specialist assessment
  • Managing workplace expectations
  • Documentation matters
  • Communication with absent employees
  • When to engage Occupational Health & Human Resources
  • Return to work planning
  • Managing relapse & follow up

Contact Shelly Bischoff at 403-264-4890 to schedule the workshop for your organization.


The City of Wetaskiwin engaged Shelly to provide a half-day workshop for our managers on Mental Health in the Workplace. Shelly's knowledge and experience on this important topic was excellent and she provided our team with many helpful tips that we all came away with. I would recommend Shelly to organizations wanting to develop a mental health and wellness workplace strategy.

Barbara Kyle
Human Resources Manager
City of Wetaskiwin


spacerPtolemy & Associates assisted our organization in the development of our Disability Management Program. The assistance was invaluable in the development of our policies and procedures.

Executive Director –
Cypress View Foundation