Drug and Alcohol Risk Management Services

Ptolemy & Associates has developed an area of expertise in the management of drug and alcohol risk in the workplace. We have experience managing complex addiction files, comorbidity, medical cannabis accommodation requests and training for all stakeholders. Our service is focused on developing a relationship with clients to fully understand their needs, risks, opportunities and options to address drugs and alcohol in a proactive approach.


  • Needs assessment
  • Risk analysis
  • Policy framework development
  • Education and training
  • Senior Leadership Training presentations
  • Complex case management
  • Referral access coordination
  • File review

Call Shelly to discuss the opportunity for Ptolemy & Associates to manage the risk related to drugs and alcohol in your organization.

Occupational Safety Services


spacerPtolemy & Associates works in a professional organized manner, bringing content expertise about disability management to the parties involved in an attempt to reach solutions that will work for the employee and organization.

Executive Director for Wellness & Employee Relations – Calgary Health Region