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Since 2002, Ptolemy & Associates Inc. has provided expert management consulting for organizations to proactively address health, safety, wellness and disability in the workplace. In order to optimize health in the workplace and reduce employee absenteeism, Ptolemy & Associates Inc. works with employers to decrease disability costs while increasing employee engagement and accountability. The ultimate goal is to help employers develop a customized solution so that each organization can become self sufficient in their management strategies.

Using best practice protocols in Human Resources, Disability Management and Occupational Health, Ptolemy & Associates Inc. helps organizations reduce the financial and operational impact of illness, injury and disability in diverse workplaces. Using a team approach, our expert consultation works with all stakeholders in an organization – employer, employee, insurance provider, union – to facilitate earlier return-to-work strategies thus reducing the benefit costs to the employer. Ptolemy & Associates Inc. takes pride in developing strategic management plans that meet legislative requirements, prevent injuries, and reduce incidents – resulting in a measurable return on investment for organizations.

We invite you to learn more about each of the services we provide:

1) Disability Management

Educational and facilitation services provide clients with proactive service to address the impact of disability and associated costs in their workplace. The examination of cost drivers and associated risks will assist the client to proactively manage disability in a coordinated and systematic approach. Read more...

2) Drug and Alcohol Risk Management

Ptolemy & Associates has developed an area of expertise in the management of drug and alcohol risk in the workplace. We have experience managing complex addiction files, comorbidity, medical cannabis accommodation requests and training for all stakeholders. Read more...

3) Occupational Health

Occupational Health services focus on assisting clients to maintain compliance, reduce risk and understand the impact of health on productivity in the workplace. The examination of cost drivers and associated risks will assist the client to proactively respond to employee health issues in a systematic approach. Read more...

4) Workplace Wellness

Services provide a focus on customizing the scope of workplace wellness services to meet defined client needs. Proactive wellness strategies will afford clients the opportunity to increase employee engagement and productivity while reducing reactive management systems. Read more...

5) Occupational Safety

Safety services provide gap analysis and program development with a focus on building stakeholder engagement. Strategies are designed and implemented to assist clients to achieve legislated compliance, injury prevention and incident reduction. Read more...

We invite you to learn more about us.

Employee Absenteeism Reduction
Mental Health Illness Workshop

Mental Health Training Workshop for Leaders in the Workplace


spacerThe insight and knowledge of Ptolemy & Associates has been a valuable contribution to the disability management process and to assisting with resolving difficult and complex disability cases.

Executive Director for Wellness & Employee Relations –
Calgary Health Region

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